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Bohemian Revolt

The Bohemian Revolt lased from 1618-1620. In 1608, the Protestants created the Evangelical Union. Catholics created the Holy League in 1609. What actually started the revolt was when the Archbishop of Prague ordered a protestant church to be destroyed. The people appealed to Emperor Matthias, who ignored their protests.The protestants started to revolt. The events that has been marked the beginning of the waris known as the Defenestration of prague. The Defenestration of Prague was a bohemian custom in which the people punish officials by throwing them out of windows. The Protestants punished two of their ruler's minitries using this method. The civil war in Bohemia(Czech Republic) began and spread thoughout Europe.

The protestant removed King Ferdinand(Catholic) from the throne. They chose Frederick(Protestant) to take Ferdinand's place. he tides turned againts the Bohemians when Ferdinand was chosen Holy Roman Emporer, where he was given great power. In 1620, John Tserclaes , a gerneral of Ferdinand, defeated the Bohemians in the famous battle of White Mountain. The defeat costed the Bohemians their freedom. The Protestant Revolt was crushed, and Catholicism became the state religion.

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